$6 per person per appetizer

Mini gallets filled with pork braised in red wine with figs, pine nuts and sage
Seared duck breast on a crostini with quince compote and a blood orange gremoulade
Pistachio crusted lamb ³nuggets² with a port reduction sauce
Puff pastry rounds with chilled pepper seared filet bits and a fin herb cream cheese

Seared halibut pieces with a vanilla cream sauce
Brandade of salt cod with truffle oil and herbed crisp bread
Sweet crab and corn fritters with a red onion jam
Crostinis with poached bay scallops and lemon garlic aoli
Seared scallops with a three citrus butter sauce
Halibut ceviche on mini tostadas
Rosemary shrimp skewers
Mini shrimp tamales
Mini galettes with smoked albacore, dry vella jack cheese olives,
green onions, and cilantro

Roasted tomatoes with olives and pecorino tuscano
Heirloom potato samosas in wonton skins accompanied by a mango compote
Toast points with tapenade, crème fraiche, and parsleyBlinis
with crème fraiche topped with egg, parsley, red onion, and concase tomatoes
Pita chips topped with hummus and tabouli with a roasted red pepper cream
Quince and goat cheese tarts
Fresh figs stuffed with fall fruit compote
Stuffed baby squash with chive scented ricotta