Private residence
Montecito, California

(Choose two)
mini galette with pears, pecans, and mild blue cheese
mini galette with sautéed mushrooms, leeks, and gorgonzola cheese
mini galette with tapenade, smoked albacore, and smoked mozzarella cheese
crimini mushrooms stuffed with parsley pecan pesto and fresh asiago cheese
baby artichokes stuffed with porcini mushrooms, hazelnuts,
and asiago chese served with porcini aioli
baked Santa Barbara olives with white wine, shallots, and fresh herbs
Artisan bread with warm artichoke heart spread
Grilled seasonal vegetable platter

(choose one)
mixed baby greens with figs, toasted walnuts, manchego cheese,
and a caramelized balsamic dressing
mixed baby greens with persimmons, pomegranate seeds,
tangerines, and a pomegranate tangerine vinaigrette